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Here Are the Top 5 Highest-Paid Oscar Actors of All Time

The 95th Oscars will air on Sunday, March 12. Is your favorite going to walk away with a trophy? Well, is your favorite “Everything Everywhere All at Once” or “Brendan Fraser”?
While anything could happen when the envelope is opened, this year’s Oscar race has had a feeling of predetermination, as few key titles and names, like those listed above, have largely swept Oscar prognosticators like the Screen Writers Guild and the Independent Spirit Awards.
But even if this year is seemingly less unpredictable (and perhaps, therefore, a bit less fun) than normal, it’s still an opportunity for film fans to ponder the history of this strange, and often frustrating award, and what it all means, from which Oscar-winning film is the best of all time to the most egregious snubs.
Now, film buffs and data nerds have a new thing they can argue over and obsess about, as a new study, commissioned by and reported on by StudyFinds, has broken down which actors in Oscar-nominated films have the highest per-second value.
The survey looked at actors who have been in Oscar-nominated films, their average screen time proportion in those films,, total screen time in seconds, the sum of their worldwide box office for their Oscar nominated films,, their worldwide box office screen time proportion for said films in order to calculate their worth per second.
The list only calculated actors’ Oscar-nominated films, not their career box office totals. So many actors who were at one time box office gold are missing, as their hit films didn’t always translate to Oscar attention.
Michael Tedder is a breaking news writer for TheStreet.

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