Captain Marvel 2 Gets Exciting News from Test Screening

Marvel Studios reportedly conducted screenings for test audiences of November’s The Marvels and the resulting feedback turned out to be quite interesting from MCU fans.
Even though Captain Marvel 2 was delayed to November of this year, knocking it from its July release date, fans are still very excited for the Captain Marvel team-up film.
Still, a fair amount has been said about the film recently. Hollywood insider Jeff Sneider recently claimed that the movie was something of a mess, both in content and behind the scenes. Others who are in the know have refuted those accusations. And now, word from some test screenings of the film has surfaced.
Scooper KC Walsh has gone on the defense for The Marvels, after Jeff Sneider made claims that the movie was ”chaos” and a “sh*tshow” earlier in the week.
KC Walsh tweeted a response, claiming he hadn’t heard anything negative about production for the MCU’s last movie of 2023:
“Again I’ve heard nothing negative around this production, the movie has gotten more positive praise from test than other MCU films this year, sexist YouTubers use Larson as a way to garner favor with sexist and racists…”
When asked if that meant he had heard the Captain Marvel sequel was better than Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, Walsh simply replied “No.”
He also responded to a Tweet about star Brie Larson’s alleged behavior on set being less than ideal:
“Not even sure where that came from or why, everything I’ve heard about ‘The Marvels’ has been very positive and glowing, including producing”
One of the tricky things about test screenings is that they’re often done very early on. And as fans have seen in the past, the response to these screenings doesn’t always align with how much audiences enjoy the finished film.
Case in point, last year, information on Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania‘s test screenings made the rounds, where it seemed that people in attendance responded quite positively. Contrast this with the film’s dismal Rotten Tomatoes score and a picture begins to form.
Still, movies can be anything. Perception of The Marvels could be terrific upon its release, or it could end up another Quantumania in terms of response. Moreover, different people have different opinions and it’s simply impossible to please everyone. Even though there was a large crowd who hated Ant-Man 3, there were many other filmgoers who thought it was a blast.
At any rate, The Marvels photon blasts its way into theaters starting November 10.
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