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DiCaprio and Gigi Hadid’s special night at the pre-Oscar party: goodbye to breakup rumors

The Dolby Theater in Los Angeles is already preparing to celebrate, one more year, the most important international film awards. As usual, on the eve of the Oscars some of the celebrities they meet at Darren Dzienciol and Richie Akiva’s party. among the guests, Leonardo DiCaprio y Gigi Hadid.
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The actor and model are spending time together despite the breakup rumors that surfaced a few weeks ago. “Leo and Gigi were hiding in a tent trying to go unnoticed. There were no public displays of affection, but they were together most of the night and barely moved from their place,” a witness told the magazine. People.
The 27-year-old girl and the star of The wolf of Wall Street48, like yes they did the rapper Tygathe singer Wiz Khalifa and his girlfriend Aimee Aguilarthe actress Victoria Justice, or the actor Nikolaj Coster-waldau.
The truth is that, for the moment, neither the protagonist of Titanic nor the sister of Bella Hadid They have made their romance official. The rumors surfaced strongly in November of last year, after seeing them having dinner together on several occasions. In addition, her environment assures the aforementioned medium: “Gigi continues to spend time with Leo in New York. He is very understanding of her motherhood and adapts to her schedule to see her, she is very sweet and Gigi is delighted “.
Gigi ended her relationship with the father of her daughter, the singer Zayn Malik, in September 2021 after six years together. The Oscar winner, for his part, broke up with Camilla Monroe last August. Which fueled the famous theory that Leo does not date women over 25, and would be making the exception with Hadid, who is 27.

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