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5 best things to buy in GTA Online this Valentine’s Day (2023)

As part of its Valentine’s Day 2023 event, Rockstar Games has turned back the clock in GTA Online. Antique automobiles, firearms, and more from a bygone era, along with themed liveries and clothing, can be purchased by players.

They can claim multiple time-exclusive items and add them to their collection before February 15, 2023. On this list, we will look at the five best things to buy in GTA Online to get into the Valentine’s Day spirit and celebrate the season of love and companionship.

GTA Online Valentine’s event week 2023 has many classic offers you can’t refuse

1) Classique Broadway and the Los Santos livery

The Classique Broadway is back in the GTA series after making its debut in GTA: San Andreas in 2004. While the car retains many features from its previous rendition, it now sports a taller and narrower profile.

The vehicle is available for purchase on the Legendary Motorsport website for $925,000, and the players can get their Broadways into Valentine’s Day mood by applying the time-exclusive Los Santos Lovers livery.

2) Gusenberg Sweeper

Firing at 555 RPM and dealing damage of 34 per shot, the Gusenberg Sweeper sits atop the submachine gun (SMG) category. Until February 15, 2023, this weapon is free to claim in Ammu-Nations across Los Santos and in the roaming Gun Van.

Its low stock magazine capacity (30 rounds) is slightly disadvantageous. It can be upgraded to 50, but doing so can lead to unwanted reloads when caught in a tense firefight. The gun can usually be bought for $14,600 in-game but is a time-limited free-of-cost item during the Valentine’s Day event.

3) Dewbauchee JB 700W

The Dewbauchee JB 700W will be on display at the Luxury Autos Showroom this week. It is a two-seat sports car with a sleek design. Besides its thrilling top speed of 123 mph, the vehicle can be equipped with two front-facing machine guns. Players also have the option to fit proximity mines.
The JB 700W was added to the game with the Diamond Casino heist in 2019. It can be purchased for $1,470,000 at the Luxury Autos Showroom and resold for $882,000 ($1,131,250 when fully upgraded).

4) Be My Valentine apparels

Clothing items added through the Be My Valentine update in GTA Online are available at a discount of 50% on their regular price tags. Due to this, a large selection of suits, vests, and dresses will be available for players to own during the Valentine’s Day event week.

Dresses can be purchased from Binco stores throughout Los Santos, while suits, vests, and trousers can be bought from Suburban or Ponsonbys outlets.

Clothing is an important part of the game as it lets the players customize their characters as per their choice, and for Valentine’s Day, the discounts on these items will help them get into the spirit of things for much less than usual.

5) Albany Roosevelt

Players can head into the Diamond Casino and Resort in Los Santos and try their luck at spinning the wheel and getting a chance to win the Albany Roosevelt – the podium vehicle of the week.

One feature that makes the car unique is its ability to seat four people inside and two outside – on the sides hanging from the door. The Roosevelt Valor, a variant of the car that retains the base design but can be heavily customized, is available for purchase at Simeon’s Premium Deluxe Motorsport.

The Albany Roosevelt is neither the fastest nor the most stable car in-game, but its uniqueness and style make it one that GTA Online players would want to have in their collection.

All of the above-listed items and more are available for purchase for a limited time only during the Valentine’s Day event in GTA Online through February 15, 2023. Most of these are collectors’ items that won’t be very useful for races or heists, but they add a touch of class to the players’ collection of cars and armory.

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