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71 Cats Who Don’t Know The Meaning Of Personal Space

Some people claim that cats are cold, aloof and don’t really care about us. That they see humans as nothing more than their personal servants.

However, all cat parents know that this simply isn’t true. Sure, they do see us as their personal servants, but they’re also far more affectionate than people give them credit for.

Maybe even a bit too affectionate.

Our little feline furbabies may sometimes pretend like they’re all about being independent and that they’re too cool to worship us like the doggos do, but it’s hard to take that seriously when they spend so much of their time glued to our heels (or, more accurately, plastered over our faces).
And so, anyone who’s ever known and loved a cat is sure to relate to these goofy, hilarious and adorable examples of kitties demonstrating their complete and utter disregard for personal space.

1. We’re all in this together.

2. You don’t need to look at anything but me.

3. So, what are we reading?

4. Every. Single. Morning. I just can’t brush my teeth alone.

5. Hey, what’re you doing in the bathroom? Hello!?

6. No, can’t find any “privacy” anywhere

7. This is way better than a pillow.

8. What are you doing under the rain-maker?

9. The cat loves to show her @ during the daughter’s virtual classes.

10. Hey, you accidentally locked me out of the bathroom!

11. What are you doing here?

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