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A dramatic story – how the cat Giselle and her baby Pruno were rescued (Video)

A dramatic story – how the cat Giselle and her baby Pruno were rescued (Video)

A pregnant cat with the graceful name Giselle set up herself in a delicate situation – the pregnant beast was thrown out into the road during the frost period.

The careless possessors didn’t find anything better than to get relieve of the formerly-cherished pet. The thing is that they didn’t take care of the sterilization of the beast in a timely manner. And they didn’t want to break the formerly being problem.
Help was handed by a girl coming door. She couldn’t pass in, took the ethereal expectant mama in her arms and carried it to a friend who worked at a sanctum. But the problems did n’t end there.

Meet Pruno. The baby was born first but ended up being the only survivor of the waste. Giselle suffered the loss of gibs poorly – she stopped eating, fell into a drowsy state. She ignored the baby that desperately demanded mama ’s care.

The levies resolve up. Some nursed the invigorated Pruno, others tried to find out what happed to his mama .
Research has shown that two further gibs are inside the cat. They failed, and the infection began to develop. Giselle was sluggishly dying.

The veterinarian performed an exigency operation. And only a day, after it did the cat, has the strength to take some food.
A many days latterly, the baby and mama were reunited. But Giselle had to put on a red defensive vest. He’ll not allow Pruno to eat his mama ’s milk, which was poisoned as a result of an intrauterine infection. But the baby will be suitable to lounge under the cat’s side. Both are just happy to be together.

Watch the videotape, but do n’t forget to prepare a handkerchief. Without it, there’s simply no way!


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