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Man saved nine cats, and now every day at night they come to thank him

Man saved nine cats, and now every day at night they come to thank him

There are two effects in Sarper Duman’s life that he’s crazy about. It’s music and pussycats.

Sarper is an educated pianist and no less educated cat proprietor. 9 saved pussycats live in his apartment, which he picked up on the road at different times.

The homeless, the wounded, the empty – all of them have now set up their warm home and are veritably thankful for this to their Man!
Sarper works during the day, and he has to rehearse at night. And his faves have acclimated to such a meter of life!

During the day they peacefully sleep or play. And as soon as it gets dark, and fascinating sounds will pour from the proprietor’s room – they still, on the tips of their paws, go to the instrument and sit around.

Who’s stalwart – jumps on his knees or indeed on a synthesizer, the rest of the listeners quietly enjoy from the outside And this attention is the stylish gratefulness for the talented musician!

“ I treat every pet like a king or queen, ” the joe smiles. “ And I’m thankful to them for the peace they brought to my home. ”
One of Sarper’s pussycats is eyeless. She can not see the beauty of nature, but the proprietor gives her another occasion. He puts her on the window, and together they hear for a long time to the catcalls singing This calms the baby and gives alleviation to the musician.

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