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The Imperial tortoise beetle (Stolas imperialis) is a species of beetle found in Brazil.

Nestled deep in the lush and vibrant rainforests of Brazil, the Imperial Tortoise Beetle (Stolas imperialis) shines like a shimmering gem amongst its surroundings. This species of tortoise beetle is not just any ordinary bug, but a unique member of the Chrysomelidae family and part of the renowned leaf beetle group. Its bright metallic colors are absolutely mesmerizing. The adult beetles boast an oval, hump-backed shape, measuring 1-1.5 cm in length, while their larvae are cylindrical and boast an armored exterior, covered in spines. The Imperial Tortoise Beetle feeds on the leaves of various plants and can be found primarily in the Amazon rainforest and the Atlantic Forest. This remarkable species was first documented by German botanist Franz Späth in 1898.

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