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FIFA 23 Title Update 8: Ref kit clash fixed but PC cheating and settings bug fix missing

Title Update 8 is set to become available to download for FIFA 23 soon, but the FIFA community has been left angered after some big issues were left unresolved.

Cheating on PC versions of FIFA has always been an issue, with EA Sports even introducing an anti-cheat system (EAAC) for FIFA 23 to try and cut down on PC cheats. With the introduction of cross-play in FIFA 23, users on consoles are starting to feel the wrath of PC cheats, and it’s not going down well.

Earlier in FIFA 23, players on PC were reportedly able to kick opposition players from games, increase their players’ stats and attributes, and some reports even claimed that one PC cheat allowed the cheaters to control the opposition players at times. FUT players have now been left frustrated by EA after the latest Title Update featured no update on the latest PC hack, as well as an issue with players’ game settings still remaining.

The newest PC hack seems to be the worst yet, with a hack allowing PC players to play with an invisible team in FIFA 23, meaning their players won’t appear on screen for the opposition. Plenty of players have video proof of this PC hack, with one Twitter user, @SlaterAC_, uploading a video of themselves playing against a PC player using this new cheat code in FUT Champions.

The PC cheat goes 2-0 up after 11 minutes of the game, with none of their players visible to the opposition. Plenty of other FUT players have also encountered this issue, with dozens of players venting their frustration to EA in the comment section of the Title Update 8 announcement.

If you play on a console and want to avoid coming up against a PC cheat, the simplest and best way to do so is by turning off crossplay in FUT. It’s a shame, but it seems to be the only way to currently avoid an encounter with a PC cheat and having to play an unfair game.

Another issue that wasn’t resolved in the latest Title Update was an error that sees players’ game settings reset every time they load up FIFA 23. A temporary fix for this issue was discovered all the way back in October last year, but the glitch appears to have returned for many players, with EA still yet to repair what seems a simple issue.

Title Update 8, which will be available to download soon on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, did feature some much-needed updates though, including an error in FUT that would see referee’s kits clash with the colour of player’s kits in-game.

ou can check out all the latest changes being made in FIFA 23 Title Update 8 below.

FIFA 23 Title Update 8 patch notes
FIFA Ultimate Team

Addressed the following issues:

Addressed further instances of referees incorrectly wearing the same kit colors as one of the teams involved in the match.
[PC Only] Addressed a stability issue that could occur when opening packs. This issue was previously listed on the EASF Tracker.

Addressed the following issue:

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