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‘Scream 6’ Team on “Bigger, Bloodier” Return and Continuing Without Neve Campbell: “Everyone Pivoted”

The sixth film in the horror franchise moves to New York City and is the first film without Campbell, who Courteney Cox said “is always missed.”
Ghostface hit the Big Apple on Monday night, as the cast and creatives behind Scream 6 unveiled their latest entry in the iconic franchise at the New York premiere.
“I’m so excited to be back. We didn’t get to have a premiere for the last one [Scream 5] so this is kind of like a big party; you’ll notice all the actors from the previous film are here, the ones that were killed off, so it’s nice to reunite,” star Jasmin Savoy Brown told The Hollywood Reporter.
Scream 6 follows four of the survivors from the last film as they leave Woodsboro to start fresh in New York City, only to be followed by the masked killer. “This Scream is different because it’s bigger, bloodier; Ghostface is more brutal here in New York City, it gives us an opportunity to play with the dense population,” Brown said. “Ghostface could be anybody, anywhere in a way that just isn’t the same in a small town like Woodsboro.”
Added costar Mason Gooding of the change of scenery, “You take a horror movie and you set it in a major metropolitan area, you have a bunch of people trying to mind their own business — you don’t necessarily know if you’ll get the help that you look for, and that to me is terrifying.”
Along with the younger cast of Brown, Gooding, Jenna Ortega, Melissa Barrera and Jack Champion, Hayden Panettiere makes her return to the franchise, and Courteney Cox becomes the only cast member to have starred in all six films. One actor missing, though, is Neve Campbell, who opted not to return after saying she received an inadequate financial offer to star in the film.
“We always have different storylines but she is always missed,” Cox said of Campbell’s absence. “She’s an incredible actor and girl.”
Executive producer Kevin Williamson explained how “everyone pivoted” once it became clear that Campbell would not be taking part in the new film.
“What’s so great is we had so many other great characters and the movie was always meant to be about this sisterhood of Melissa Barrera and Jenna Ortega’s characters,” Williamson continued. “That is what is the heart and soul and through line of this particular franchise so it didn’t really disturb that, but I can only say I miss [Campbell’s character] Sydney and maybe one day she’ll come back.”
Executive producer Chad Villella added, “First of all, we’re like the biggest Neve fans in the world so that is what it is. I think we were tasked to make a great movie, and we love our cast more than anything. They’re like family now, and I think we really wanted to let them shine through in this one.” And said co-director Tyler Gillett, “I think the only way to honor this legacy and anybody, all of the characters who have appeared in [the franchise] over the last 27 years now, is to make a great Scream movie and that’s what we set out to do.”
Scream 6 hits theaters on Friday.
Neha Joy contributed to this report.
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