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Fortnite artist creates Valorant x Overwatch themed homescreen for Chapter 4 Season 2

D3nni, a popular Fortnite concept artist, recently reimagined the game’s homescreen for Chapter 4 Season 2 and posted their creation on Twitter. The look of the new lobby screen is sleek, and D3nni was inspired by Overwatch and Valorant during the design process.
While the Fortnite’s lobby is not outdated by any means, with some even considering it classic, it would be fair to state that it does not have the same aesthetic as many modern games, which feature a more traditional gaming menu with options on the side. Epic Games has everything laid out on the homescreen.
D3NNI’s design goes to prove that the game would continue to look incredible upon adopting the new style.
When designing an updated version of the homescreen, D3NNI made sure there weren’t a bunch of options cluttering the overall look. There are just six options listed on the right side of the screen, and players can visit those menus by clicking on them. These are the tabs located on the top bar in-game. On the left side of the screen, the artist has kept the option to change game modes easily.
The video did not reveal what would happen after players select to play the game. Presumably, it would present the lobby as we know it, with its unique background and player slots. This way, the game would incorporate a refreshing modern layout without doing away with its familiar design.
There has been no leak suggesting that Epic is planning on modifying their homescreen, but the concept has appealed to so many players that they may consider it sometime in the future, beyond Chapter 4 Season 2. Since the lobby has remained quite stagnant since the beginning, a change may just be welcome.
The newest season of the game is dropping very soon. The release date was pushed back to March 10, 2023, after the initial announcement stated that March 8 would mark the end of the season.
At around 2 am EST, the servers for Chapter 4 Season 1 will close. Since it is not a chapter update, the downtime may not last very long. The servers are expected to come back online in the morning itself, presumably by 8 or 9 am EST. Players will then be able to experience everything Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 has to offer.
Gamers who are yet to unlock Geralt of Rivia, The Ageless One, and other Battle Pass skins should hurry as the current season will end in a few hours.
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