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Teen Mom Chelsea Houska ripped for ‘inexcusable’ treatment of daughter Aubree, 13, as star gives new interview

FANS have slammed Chelsea Houska for her treatment of her eldest daughter, Aubree, in a new interview.
The Teen Mom 2 alum has faced backlash regarding her parenting methods with her growing teen.
Now Chelsea, 31, has enraged fans after calling Aubree’s internet followers her “aunties.”
The reality star spoke about her 13-year-old in a new interview with E!, praising her child for having “confidence.”
“I have seen comments before where people say, ‘We’re her aunties,'” she told the outlet.
“People feel like they did grow up with her. They were there from the moment I gave birth and watched a very personal story. They followed along and they were invested and they cared, which is so heartwarming to me.”
Chelsea also spoke about her daughter’s individual style, adding: “She’s so funny because she used to not care. I would just buy all of her clothes for her. Now, she’s very specific.
“She has a style and I love that she has her own and she’s so confident with the blue hair and then she’s chopped it right off. I want to encourage that, because I don’t know if I was that confident at 13.”
But many fans were not impressed, as they slammed Chelsea for allowing her daughter to be in the spotlight without privacy her entire life.
“Im not okay with para social relationships. If someone said my son was their nephew or demanded to see or check on him, Id check that shit immediately,” one wrote on Reddit.
“It would creep me the f**k out if any stranger said they consider themselves related to my children. I share 0 pictures of my kids online. The internet is a super sketchy place,” a second agreed.
A third remarked: “People saying their Aubree’s aunties are creepy, but I also think it’s creepy that people here are constantly fawning over Sophia and commenting how cool they think she is. Like you don’t know these kids. At all,” mentioning Chelsea’s ex-co-star Farrah Abraham’s daughter as well.
“Para social relationships like this are freaking weird,” a fourth complained.
“It’s gross that literal strangers feel entitled to call themselves auntie or anything to Aubree. That’s not something someone with a sound mind says let alone thinks. Creepy and cringy,” a fifth slammed.
“That’s not heartwarming to me. It’s creepy and scary,” a final agreed.
For years, Chelsea has been ripped by her followers for questionable parenting decisions with her 13-year-old daughter, Aubree.
Recently, many accused the Down Home Fab star of using her daughter’s name and face to make money with her home goods brand, Aubree Says.
The reality star took to the Aubree Says Instagram page last month to host a live session with her family.
In the clip, the MTV alum prepared white chocolate-covered strawberries in her kitchen by covering them in chocolate chips and mini M&Ms.
Chelsea’s husband, Cole DeBoer, 34, joined her, as well as her four kids: Aubree; Watson, six; Layne, four; and Walker, two.
Fans watched as the group prepared the yummy treat in honor of Valentine’s Day.
Meanwhile, the former Teen Mom 2 star explained how she was launching new pieces with the home goods line.
“We are so close to the relaunch, I know I’ve mentioned about it before. But for the last year, we have been reworking things, redesigning things, a whole new website, new products, and just going so hard.
“I’m so excited for everything and proud of everything that the newest release is going to be,” Chelsea explained.
“Six new products just to start and I’m so excited for you guys to see like, the new vibe,” she said.
During her monologue, her eldest child Aubree took center stage with decorating the strawberries and looked utterly uninterested in her mom’s new line announcement.
Chelsea continued: “Everything’s very much things that I’m obsessed with and also nice and pretty and I’m just so excited.”
But fans were immediately concerned about the star alum using her daughter’s name and likeness for a brand that hardly involves her.
Several took to Reddit to slam the South Dakota star for her parenting skills with Aubree.
“Aubree Says… she’s ‘thrilled,'” one wrote, alongside a screenshot of Aubree looking bored during the Instagram Live.
“So does Aubree get paid for having her name and face co-opted for this bulls**t or what?” another asked.
One user replied: “Fat chance,” while another agreed, “Poor kid.”
“Aubree’s calculating in her head how much backpay she’s owed since Chelsea is using her name/likeness to make money,” a commenter joked of the child’s solemn expression.
“Do I think Aubree cares that much about the bland, boring and overpriced Aubree Says products? Probably not. But I don’t think this is Aubree hating her life and having Chelsea force her to do things she’s not into,” one person claimed.
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