Roblox Beginners Guide

The Roblox beginners guide entails a good number of features and tips that helps us on how to begin playing the numerous games found online different online users have been able to create, and also provide a quick refresher to other players who have been in gaming but are returning to the platform from a break. In addition, the people who are new in the game and have a desire to be introduced to start playing receive assistance go through the process of developing a new and interesting Roblox account and helpful redeeming Roblox promo codes that offer some free goodies for your Avatar.

While you are trying to put up an account for your child, as a parent you should look out for our Parent’s Guide concerning the Roblox as well. This will assist you to ensure that your children are protected during their play with others online. Therefore, let us learn more and get into the universe of Roblox.

What is Roblox

Roblox was created and developed by a company named Roblox corporation. Roblox unknown to many is not a single game but is truly a collection of online games or rather experiences that are developed by other online users. Roblox can be found in several hardware which are Xbox one / Series X, PC, Android, and iOS.

Though Roblox may be thought to be commonly known as for children’s game, adults also have a chance to enjoy too as there many games on the platform which offer fun to them. You can look out for our Top Roblox Games meant for adults guide to learn more about these.

When did Roblox release?

Roblox was first declared to the world on September 1st, 2006. Although it was released at that time Roblox did gain popularity as a platform not until the latter half of 2010. This was only because originally Roblox as it was being released in Beta using the name Dynablocks before it was changed in 2005 before it was subsequently released.

Hardware release of versions of Roblox which are Android and iOS were released in the years 2014 and 2012. The first and only console which came to Xbox was released in 2015. It is not that clear on when and whether Roblox will be introduced on any other online platforms at the moment hence not predictable when that will happen so Roblox will be working on the said platforms above.

How many players are Roblox?

From the Business Insider article of November 2017 players who participated in Roblox are 64 million. Putting the figure into actuality, Minecraft as of February 2017 was unveiled as having 55 million players.

How to download Roblox

At some point, Roblox could be played on its home page on the online website as it is. This has however changed because several games have been built on Roblox which have made necessary due to it becoming more demanding for those playing.

When you want to download and install Roblox onto your PC, you have to make ensure that you are performing the task from the known website only. If you happen to use other sources they may cause a lot of harm to your computer, thus the source which you can fully trust is the Roblox source and client download is only through Roblox themselves.

To begin with, you need to make sure that a Roblox account has been created here. The process is simple and fast therefore it requires a username, date of your birth, and password you need to sign up. In case you are below age 13 and would like to create an account you seek guardian or parent’s permission before starting the process of creating the account.

After you have created an account, you will be directed to a home page that displays your profile image of your Avatar in which you have your in game username, character, and several games which are purposely recommended for you from a variety of games and different categories.

Once you are at the homepage, you choose a game that is appealing to you. You may not play yet and instead choose this easier to begin Roblox download on your computer. When you spot a fancy game, click on it, and it will come on a new page with the game’s user rating, description, and other more features.

After getting into the home page, you click the play button icon usually green and a pop-up will direct you to download and install Roblox. You click download and install to download the file referred to as RobloxPlayerLauncher.exe. After the download is complete you click on the file and click run which will unpack the .exe. file and install on your computer. If you want you can enter into the original game by clicking the join button in the Roblox download guide.

In case you are using Android or IOS, it is much easier as you only download from the Google Play Store or App Store from your gadget. With Xbox One / Series X you download and install through Xbox Store on your gadget.

How to update Roblox

Regardless of the platform that you are using to play, it is such an easier task to update Roblox. You will always find auto-updates by default for different apps and games on the Google play store and iOS play store. Each time you try loading the Roblox game before you update this game, you will receive a notification to make updates. This would send you to your device’s storage page. This is also applicable to other games such as Xbox One and Series X/S consoles.

For games and apps, you will see the Games Updates page and each time you launch Roblox without an appropriate update, Xbox will automatically update itself. Moreover, you can use a PC or laptop to launch this game. When you use the browser to launch the game, it automatically loads the Roblox that you had initially downloaded. So far as you have a stronger internet connection, the launcher will automatically update it for you. Therefore, updating Roblox is never a hard task.

How to play Roblox games

It is so easier to play Roblox games on Android, iOS, and Xbox devices. Since they are created by other users, it is as simple as booting this game on your device. After loading into Roblox, you will be directed immediately to different games that you can choose from depending on your needs. You can use any browser of your choice and head to the Roblox home page to find a game of any game of your choice. At the top of the page is a dedicated search bar that allows you to select a game from the main page. When you have found the game, you can click on it and play. This will make Roblox run automatically on your computer or PC. Many Roblox games are available and you can always choose any that suits you better.

Safety of Roblox

Roblox is a very safe platform that can be easily accessed by kids. The company has made adjustments to the chats with strict language filters and many other settings for your child’s safety. Moreover, anyone accessing this platform should pay keen attention to their terms and conditions, failure to which you will be banned from the platform. Also, this platform is a member of different programs and institutes that are well dedicated to ensuring the safety of your kids. Therefore, you should never worry if your kiddo loves playing Roblox games.

Is Roblox free?

Roblox is free to make an account where you will be required to choose from different” Builder Club” options afterward. Depending on your needs, you can add this to your child’s account. Builder’s club is a monthly subscription that offers your little ones a wide range of things. What’s so unique is the fact that it offers you a monthly allowance of Robux. Robux is an in-game currency that allows your child to purchase and sell any products that they have created. They can also use Robux to buy any cooler items that help them to customize their avatar.

How is Roblox not just another gaming platform?

Among the interesting parts of Roblox is the way that they monetize various games. For example, if your child wants to start a game in Roblox they can include buttons that enable players to give them Robux. These Robux now belong to the child and may use on other games and if they save enough may be paid in exchange.

The process is called “cashing out” in which some developers have made over $10000 every month from the games. Though results like that are not easy to come by for every user the process is simple and available at all times. In case your child is beginning out and have an interest in a game and other players may enjoy it and keep playing it, thus making a good amount of money.

Educational benefits of Roblox

Roblox has an editor that enables kids to make downloads and build their world. This editor allows them to make anything that they can imagine since it has a very intuitive design. It’s never difficult for them to start up and once they are on track they will achieve more.

This Roblox editor uses a unique scripting language called Lua. This language is usually used in the programming world. Therefore, it gets your child used to all this ad they forge towards the future.

Additionally, Roblox helps to teach your kid-level design, variables, algebra, economics using the Roblox in game currency. This keeps your kids to gain more knowledge.


Roblox is a gaming platform that can easily be accessed by anyone at any time. Since you are not required to pay any fees, you can easily download it on your PC or computer. This platform has different games that allow you to choose the one that you love the most. With its strict standards, kids can as well access this platform to play their favorite game. It is one of the safest platforms that can be accessed by kids. Therefore, you do not need to worry each time your little ones are playing. Moreover, it has some educational benefits so it is wise to allow your kids to access this platform.

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